Mifid II: What you need to know

The new Mifid II regulation casts a wide net in terms of the investment companies and professionals it impacts. FE unpacks the biggest changes and what they mean for managers and advisers.

Published : 17, May 2017

Three alternative calculations that will make...

In this industry, we are spoon-fed statistics every day of the week – latest numbers on factory orders, investor confidence, retail sales, global growth, inflation, unemployment, PMI – the list goes on.

Published : 16, May 2017

Five signs the US economy is still mid-cycle

With data hinting a soft Q1 for the US economy, commentators have been split over how close it has edged to the end of the cycle. Neuberger Berman’s CIO for fixed income Brad Tank, lists the five signs the expansion is not over, yet.

Published : 12, May 2017

The five other presidents who trumped the 'Trump...

US equity specialist Charles Schwab has poured scorn on the stock market's so-called 'Trump Bump', with research showing the 5.4% market rally is far from the greatest seen during a president's first 100 days in office.

Published : 5, May 2017

Five funds to "sell in May"

For those investors who are committed to the old adage, Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management’s Patrick Thomas lists his choice for (top) bottom funds to jettison before the summer holiday.

Published : 4, May 2017

Best and Worst US sectors during Trump’s first...

Trump’s first 100 days in office have been jam packed with outrageous tweets, ‘alternative facts,’ a failed healthcare bill and foreign policy blunders. But, what were the best and worst performing US sectors during Trump's first 100 days?

Published : 26, Apr 2017

Major tax changes to shake up UK advice market...

UK chancellor Philip Hammond has put on hold some significant changes relating to IHT, deemed domicile rules, and life insurance policies due to the snap election in June, that will impact the advice market.

Published : 25, Apr 2017

Five 'need to know' funds for 2017

Sheridan Admans, investment research manager at The Share Centre, outlines the five fund managers investors should look out for in 2017.

Published : 11, Apr 2017

Top 10 fund sectors of Q1 2017

The results are in - here are the 10 strongest-performing IA sectors on a total return basis, according to data from FE Analytics.

Published : 10, Apr 2017

Yarrow: Five non-tech sectors ahead of the digital...

Evenlode Income manager Hugh Yarrow has identified companies from five non-traditional tech sectors that are making the digital analytics trend work for them and giving them a competitive edge.

Published : 7, Apr 2017

The bull case for commodities

After hitting a 14-year low in January 2016, commodity prices have staged a revival as producers scale back supply, slowly bringing the market back into balance. But is this sustainable?

Published : 5, Apr 2017

Top 10 best performing funds of Q1

The first quarter of 2017 continued on from the hectic end to last year, with plenty of macro and market events to keep fund managers on their toes. Here, based on data from FE Analytics, are the top 10 performing UK retail funds by 3-month performance.

Published : 3, Apr 2017

The highs (and lows) of the pound

The new 12-sided pound launched on Tuesday 34 years after it was first minted in coin-form. With its value still struggling following Brexit, we have looked back at its highs, and lows, since its big 1983 reveal.

Published : 30, Mar 2017

The 10 ‘Hall of Fame’ managers to watch in 2017...

More than 190 fund managers now carry the sought-after FE Alpha Manager stamp, but only a handful make it into the 'Hall of Fame'. Here, we take a closer look at 2017's 10 new entrants to the prestigious list.

Published : 28, Mar 2017

Five funds to hold alongside Woodford

Unless you’ve been living on Mars for the past couple of months, you’ll be aware of the hype around the latest launch from the UK’s most famous investor, CF Woodford Income Focus Fund. But who else is delivering the goods in UK equity income?

Published : 22, Mar 2017

The five questions to ask following the US Fed...

The third 0.25% interest rate hike of this upcycle from the US Federal Reserve begs five questions, all of which have implications for the US, the globe and portfolios.

Published : 16, Mar 2017

Which asset manager is the next takeover target?...

Last week's £11bn merger between Standard Life and Aberdeen Asset Management was a game changer for the industry. Portfolio Adviser asked several wealth managers and analysts, who's next?

Published : 14, Mar 2017

The investment trust sectors you should have held...

The average return for an AIC investment company over nearly two decades was 388%. We list the nine sectors that have outstripped this average with some impressive long-term results...

Published : 10, Mar 2017

Spring Budget 2017: the highlights

While chancellor of the exchequer Philip Hammond delivered a Budget that didn't break the mould, the investment community had plenty to say on these top four budget talking points.

Published : 8, Mar 2017

Five reasons not to fear government bonds

Though the recent uptick in inflation expectations and the Trump-fuelled reflationary trade have scared many investors away from government bonds, five portfolio managers argue there is still value to be found.

Published : 24, Feb 2017
Mifid II: What you need to know
Mifid II: What you need...

The new Mifid II regulation casts a wide net in terms...

Three alternative calculations that will make your eyes water
Three alternative calculations...

In this industry, we are spoon-fed statistics every...

Lloyds, L&G and Aviva get Woodford seal of approval
Lloyds, L&G and Aviva...

Legal and General, Lloyds Banking Group and Aviva are...