Rathbones: Could today's India outshine yesterday's...

Though it might be tempting to view today’s India as yesterday’s China, Rathbones’ head of asset allocation Ed Smith thinks the region's growth prospects could be even greater based on five key indicators.

Published : 14, Aug 2017

Six of the best US ETFs

Passive funds have enjoyed a stellar time in the US as valuations ride higher and higher. Here, IG Group's Oliver Smith looks at the six best ETFs to access booming US markets.

Published : 11, Aug 2017

Five ideas to diversify your income stream

Since the financial crisis, investors have increasingly turned to equities to provide an income. One favourite has been the £63.5bn IA UK Equity Income sector, but this has suffered two months of investor outflows. Taking this on board, Architas investment director Adrian Lowcock suggests five ways investors can diversify their income.

Published : 9, Aug 2017

Post-financial crisis: Where did your money work...

This Wednesday (9 August) marks 10 years since the global financial crisis began, the morning BNP Paribas finally halted redemptions from funds containing now-infamous CDO instruments. We take a look at six sectors to see where you would have been best placed to invest in the decade that followed.

Published : 8, Aug 2017

Seven 'sinful' stocks to avoid

With the FTSE 100 on an almost continual rise, which are the ‘red flag’ stocks that investors should watch out for? Investment bank Liberum lists the seven ‘sinful’ stocks in the top 100 they would “prudently seek to avoid”.

Published : 2, Aug 2017

What investors really think: June's top selling...

Fund sales in the global and corporate bond sector soared in June, suggesting a move to diversification and safety according to data from FundsNetwork. We list the best-selling sectors of the month here.

Published : 31, Jul 2017

Ten need-to-know trusts for investors

Hits on the AIC website have soared in recent months, but which investment trusts have been peaking investor interest so far this year?

Published : 27, Jul 2017

The UK's 'dirty dozen' shorted stocks

Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management senior equity analyst talks through the UK's most shorted stocks - the "dirty dozen".

Published : 26, Jul 2017

Neuberger Berman’s currency plays

Currency was a major focal point of Neuberger Berman’s latest asset allocation committee meeting. Portfolio Adviser outlines the currency plays the investment manager is banking on.

Published : 21, Jul 2017

Is 2017 really the year of the active manager?...

Within the fund industry, 2017 has been widely heralded as ‘a year for active managers’. This has been underpinned by a strong belief markets would once again focus on fundamentals, after a number of years when central bank policy and geopolitical concerns were driving asset prices. Portfolio Adviser looks at the performance of active managers across asset classes to see whether they have lived up to the promise.

Published : 18, Jul 2017

Fixed income: the winners and losers in H1

As we move through the halfway point of 2017, many investors have grown wary of the risk asset rally and are returning to the relative safety of fixed income funds. But which have performed the best year-to-date? And which have not fared so well?

Published : 14, Jul 2017

Did US equity managers have reason to be cheerful...

On 4 July 1776, the Continental Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence and broke free from the shackles of the British Empire as a new nation – the United States of America. Some 241 years later, we gauge US equity managers’ opinions on the sector. Are there reasons to celebrate or is it time to be downbeat?

Published : 4, Jul 2017

The 10 best-performing Europe funds of 2017 so...

Europe has been among the most unexpected success stories for investors in the first half of 2017, but which funds have made the most of the opportunity on the continent?

Published : 3, Jul 2017

Five groups most at risk in the FCA asset management...

With the final report from the FCA’s market study of asset management due on Wednesday morning, speculation is rife about what the long-awaited recommendations could say. We look at the five groups who could face the repercussions.

Published : 27, Jun 2017

Brexit: Five charts to show how the vote has hit...

One year on from the shock of the Brexit referendum and the UK's decision to leave the EU, we delve into the data to find out exactly how the result has hit investments.

Published : 23, Jun 2017

Forget FANGs, it’s time to stick your teeth into...

While the FANG stocks have stolen the limelight over the past decade, Portfolio Adviser looks at the new group of tech stocks in town threatening to steal their crown.

Published : 22, Jun 2017

PA Summer Congress: In pictures

This year's Portfolio Adviser Summer Congress was a roaring success, for a behind the scenes look click through our gallery of the official photos.

Published : 21, Jun 2017

Five possible Brexit scenarios for investors to...

Brexit negotiations are officially underway. But what’s the final Brexit going to be – hard, soft, wobbly, red white and blue? Or will the UK economy simply plunge off the cliff edge? Investors weigh in.

Published : 20, Jun 2017

Woodford Income Focus drops out of May’s most...

Neil Woodford's new fund failed to inspire investors in May, but who else made up the ten most popular funds for the month?

Published : 16, Jun 2017

The famous FAANGs proving tech sector still has...

After investors saw a sell off in tech stocks across the pond last week, Portfolio Adviser looks back at the rise of the sector's most famous stocks.

Published : 14, Jun 2017
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