Brexit: Five charts to show how the vote has hit...

One year on from the shock of the Brexit referendum and the UK's decision to leave the EU, we delve into the data to find out exactly how the result has hit investments.

Published : 23, Jun 2017

Forget FANGs, it’s time to stick your teeth into...

While the FANG stocks have stolen the limelight over the past decade, Portfolio Adviser looks at the new group of tech stocks in town threatening to steal their crown.

Published : 22, Jun 2017

PA Summer Congress: In pictures

This year's Portfolio Adviser Summer Congress was a roaring success, for a behind the scenes look click through our gallery of the official photos.

Published : 21, Jun 2017

Five possible Brexit scenarios for investors to...

Brexit negotiations are officially underway. But what’s the final Brexit going to be – hard, soft, wobbly, red white and blue? Or will the UK economy simply plunge off the cliff edge? Investors weigh in.

Published : 20, Jun 2017

Woodford Income Focus drops out of May’s most...

Neil Woodford's new fund failed to inspire investors in May, but who else made up the ten most popular funds for the month?

Published : 16, Jun 2017

The famous FAANGs proving tech sector still has...

After investors saw a sell off in tech stocks across the pond last week, Portfolio Adviser looks back at the rise of the sector's most famous stocks.

Published : 14, Jun 2017

Weak and wobbly? Lessons for investors from past...

The UK general election 2017 has resulted in a hung parliament, with no single party managing to claim at least half of the House of Commons’ seats.

Published : 9, Jun 2017

Five talking points on ECB policy

The ECB has kept interest rates on hold, but revised its economic forecasts. So, what have investors learned about Mario Draghi’s intentions?

Published : 8, Jun 2017

The asset managers with the biggest pay packets...

New data has revealed the most generous asset managers in terms of salary – so how much exactly does a director, VP, associate or analyst in London actually get paid?

Published : 7, Jun 2017

Election 2017: How do the key Tory and Labour...

With less than a week until the results of the 2017 snap election are revealed, we looked at the Tory and Labour party manifestos to see how their pledges on business, tax and pensions stacked up.

Published : 1, Jun 2017

Which wealth managers have the highest cash levels?...

Five managers give Portfolio Adviser the low-down on their current cash levels and what assets, if anything, they intend to splurge on.

Published : 31, May 2017

Mifid II: What you need to know

The new Mifid II regulation casts a wide net in terms of the investment companies and professionals it impacts. FE unpacks the biggest changes and what they mean for managers and advisers.

Published : 17, May 2017

Three alternative calculations that will make...

In this industry, we are spoon-fed statistics every day of the week – latest numbers on factory orders, investor confidence, retail sales, global growth, inflation, unemployment, PMI – the list goes on.

Published : 16, May 2017

Five signs the US economy is still mid-cycle

With data hinting a soft Q1 for the US economy, commentators have been split over how close it has edged to the end of the cycle. Neuberger Berman’s CIO for fixed income Brad Tank, lists the five signs the expansion is not over, yet.

Published : 12, May 2017

The five other presidents who trumped the 'Trump...

US equity specialist Charles Schwab has poured scorn on the stock market's so-called 'Trump Bump', with research showing the 5.4% market rally is far from the greatest seen during a president's first 100 days in office.

Published : 5, May 2017

Five funds to "sell in May"

For those investors who are committed to the old adage, Canaccord Genuity Wealth Management’s Patrick Thomas lists his choice for (top) bottom funds to jettison before the summer holiday.

Published : 4, May 2017

Best and Worst US sectors during Trump’s first...

Trump’s first 100 days in office have been jam packed with outrageous tweets, ‘alternative facts,’ a failed healthcare bill and foreign policy blunders. But, what were the best and worst performing US sectors during Trump's first 100 days?

Published : 26, Apr 2017

Major tax changes to shake up UK advice market...

UK chancellor Philip Hammond has put on hold some significant changes relating to IHT, deemed domicile rules, and life insurance policies due to the snap election in June, that will impact the advice market.

Published : 25, Apr 2017

Five 'need to know' funds for 2017

Sheridan Admans, investment research manager at The Share Centre, outlines the five fund managers investors should look out for in 2017.

Published : 11, Apr 2017

Top 10 fund sectors of Q1 2017

The results are in - here are the 10 strongest-performing IA sectors on a total return basis, according to data from FE Analytics.

Published : 10, Apr 2017

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Brexit: Five charts to show how the vote has hit investors
Brexit: Five charts to...

One year on from the shock of the Brexit referendum...

PA Summer Congress: In pictures
PA Summer Congress: In...

This year's Portfolio Adviser Summer Congress was a...

Tidal wave of wealth transfer ‘to boost economy by £677bn a year’
Tidal wave of wealth...

Upcoming wealth transfer of £2.8trn from the older...