Smart IM adds clean share classes to Smartfund range

By Sam Shaw

Added 9th March 2016

Smart Investment Management, a wholly-owned subsidiary of platform technology provider Praemium, has added clean share classes to its Smartfund 80% Protected range.

Smart IM adds clean share classes to Smartfund range

The daily-dealing Ucits IV funds, which were first launched in September 2015, offer access to actively managed multi-asset portfolios with capital protection on 80% of the highest fund value reached.

The funds will now be available to advisers using clean share classes for an ongoing charge of 0.5%.

Morgan Stanley will provide the protection component for the range, while the firm's Ucits IV regulated platform, FundLogic SAS, will run the funds and act as the investment manager.

Using an options-based approach, Morgan Stanley can avoid the ‘cash lock’ of traditional structured products using constant proportion portfolio insurance (CPPI) strategies.

Smoother journey

Rebecca Murphy, director of sales and marketing at Praemium, said: “With the Smartfund 80% Protected range our aim is to create an investment strategy for clients looking to grow their capital but seeking a smoother investment journey.”

She said the range offers an alternative strategy for clients looking to benefit from the upside potential of equity markets but are too risk-averse to expose their entire holding.

Murphy added: “In this environment the desire to minimise risk is a key determinant of clients’ investment decisions. In order to protect capital, many clients end up opting for asset classes traditionally considered low risk, like fixed interest or cash.

“At the very least this may limit their ability to meet their investment objectives, at worst it will expose them to a level of risk they don’t expect and are not comfortable with,” she said. 

The team has gathered over £230m ($327m, €297m) of assets into its risk-graded multi-asset portfolios and funds since January 2014.

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