Top 10 fund sectors of Q1 2017

The results are in - here are the 10 strongest-performing IA sectors on a total return basis, according to data from FE Analytics.

Published : 10, Apr 2017

Yarrow: Five non-tech sectors ahead of the digital...

Evenlode Income manager Hugh Yarrow has identified companies from five non-traditional tech sectors that are making the digital analytics trend work for them and giving them a competitive edge.

Published : 7, Apr 2017

Six milestones on the rocky route to ‘hard’ Brexit...

With the prime minster set to outline more details on Britain’s ‘hard’ Brexit, and a possible departure from the EU single market, it’s time to take a step back and look at the dates that got us to this position in the first place.

Published : 16, Jan 2017

Hermes' six ways to adapt to a brave new bond...

In this challenging and uncertain environment for fixed income investors, Fraser Lundie, co-head of credit at Hermes Investment Management, lays out six options for adapting bond portfolios to meet the challenges markets are presenting.

Published : 28, Sep 2016

Bubble warning: Five indicators to watch out for...

As the old strategy of “sell in May” has proved a failure thus far in 2016, Russ Mould, investment director at AJ Bell, looks at five indicators investors can use to judge whether there are further gains to be made or whether markets are entering bubble territory.

Published : 11, Aug 2016

How competitive will London be post-Brexit?

Is London's spot as the number one financial hub threatened and which financial centres will benefit the most from the United Kingdom's decision to leave the European Union? PA gathered views from the Mayor of London and three industry figures.

Published : 1, Jul 2016

Inside PA Summer Congress 2016

Over two and a half days, 40 of the UK's top wealth managers and fund buyers met and debated with leading fund groups, discussing everything from emerging markets to Brexit and beyond.

Published : 23, Jun 2016

Fidelity keeps faith with Europe, unconvinced...

Based on recent Federal Reserve comments and movements in global equities markets, Fidelity Solutions outlines its latest asset allocation shifts.

Published : 9, Jun 2016

Four themes to support Asian growth

Mirae has identified four multi-year themes from the striking rise of the aspirational consumer across Asia that will drive growth in emerging markets.

Published : 26, May 2016

Panic stations: five risk factors that show markets...

Following the turbulence of the first quarter, Eoin Murray, head of the Hermes Investment Office, believes that markets continue to be at risk of price spikes and falls, with volatility and liquidity risk being particularly concerning.

Published : 10, May 2016

Three sustainable investment themes for a low-growth...

As the world wakes up to the new reality of extremely slow growth, there seems little doubt the returns investors became accustomed to during the ‘Great Moderation’ are a thing of the past.

Published : 26, Apr 2016

How to inflation proof your portfolio

Architas outlines four mechanisms that can be used to provide some protection against inflation.

Published : 25, Apr 2016

Emerging markets: Three regions on the radar

Georgina Hellyer, portfolio manager at Columbia Threadneedle Investments, outlines the three hottest EM areas investors should be looking at right now.

Published : 11, Feb 2016

Why you should go for corporate rather than strategic...

Despite heavy outflows, there is still a good case for plumping for corporate bond funds over their more fashionable strategic cousins.

Published : 14, Jan 2016

PA CONGRESS: Inside Autumn Congress 2015

Leading wealth and fund managers came together under sunny-ish skies in West Sussex, to discuss the issues of the day at PA Autumn Congress 2015.

Published : 5, Oct 2015

Inside PA Summer Congress 2015

The great and the good of our industry gathered at South Lodge Hotel where Jeremy Paxman was among those who encouraged intense debate and discussion between fund managers on one hand and fund buyers, researchers and analysts on the other.

Published : 17, Jun 2015
PA CONGRESS UK 2014 what did you miss

PA CONGRESS UK 2014 what did you miss

Former Governor of the Bank of England Lord King delivered the keynote address for PA Congress UK 2014 hosted at the South Lodge Hotel in Sussex.

Published : 2, Jul 2014
Five income funds boosted by Budget changes

Five income funds boosted by Budget changes

Fund and wealth managers are still trying to understand the impact of the pension changes George Osborne made in his recent Budget. Richard Romer Lee suggests five funds that are already ahead of the game for those who need an ongoing supply of income.

equity income investors want defensive and risky

equity income investors want defensive and risky...

Equity income investors are less risk tolerant when compared to other equity investors yet they still need to take a certain level of risk to generate this income given the low interest rate/low growth environment they live in.

Published : 25, Jul 2013
clarity stock pickers outperform

clarity stock pickers outperform

A distinct difference in the investment environment this year compared to last is that there seems to be some clarity in the equity market, with stock pickers coming to the fore.

Published : 6, Jun 2013

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