PA ANALYSIS: Why you should rethink joining ETF boom

Added 12th September 2017

Ten years of booming growth pushed global assets under management in high yield bond ETFs past $51bn (£38bn) in 2016, but are the apparent diversifying benefits everything they’re cracked up to be?

PA ANALYSIS: Why you should rethink joining ETF boom

In yet another example of how the tentacles of the global financial crash slithered into every aspect of the financial world, the subsequent bottoming of interest rates and loose monetary policy following the crisis was a key cause of the high yield boom over the last decade.

Desperate for yield and income, investors convinced themselves trading off heightened risk for higher returns was worth a go, even more so when it's available through everyone’s favourite low-cost and passive vehicle, ETFs.

Opportunities in ETFs

A Morningstar report, High Yield Bond ETFs a Primer on Liquidity, has noted the favourable macro backdrop encouraged issuers of high-yield bonds to increase issuance and extend debt maturities.

"This likely allowed for the survival of a number of financially unworthy credits," wrote Jose Garcia-Zarate, senior ETF analyst at Morningstar.

"Irrespective, the net result was a significant decline in the rate of defaults for high-yield bond issuers, which in turn further fed the demand for the asset class." 

"Problems arise when the ETFs people choose to access the assets with are neither low-cost or passive..."

The problems arise when the ETFs people choose to access the assets with are neither low-cost or passive.

Kames Capital’s high yield bond expert Stephen Baines points to the fee charged on two such high yield bond ETFs, iShares iBoxx $ High Yield Corporate Bond and SPDR Bloomberg Barclays High Yield Bond ETF, as similar to fees charged for active funds.

"Unlike most equity ETFs which are available for a few basis points, the leading high yield bond ETFs charge management fees which are comparable to many actively managed funds," he says.

True passive or active management?

To add insult to injury, high yield bond ETFs are not even truly passive.

Baines argues the market is simply too big to track.

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